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Corporate Programs


Wellness Wednesday

Hectic lifestyles and creative multi-tasking have raised the bar of performance for most of us. But has it helped in being present in each moment with complete awareness of self? Breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques not only help harmonize one’s being with self in the moment but they also help in meeting life’s events with positivity and openness. We offer a half-hour session every Wednesday in the middle of the week to catch a breath and get going for the rest of the days of the week. This is a corporate monthly subscription-based group program. The corporate can open this up to any of its employees it chooses.

For coach and session details along with commercials,
please write to us @ Enquiries & Registration

Coach Me

For the quick and powerful conversations that help create insights and restore a balance of thoughts and emotions to help increase problem-solving ability and overall workplace efficiency. These coaching conversations can be had without the preamble of contracting or commitment of longer coaching journeys. We bring coaches closer to organizations with “Coach Me” that offers one-time session on request with a coach of coachee’s choice from our panel. These are half-hour conversations that are designed and owned by the coachee. Our coaches do what they do best; facilitate and nudge a discovery process for the coachee, and offer meaningful suggestions and insights if needed. This is a corporate monthly subscription-based individual program. All these sessions can be availed by different employees as one-off session or more, based on their needs.

For coaches and coaching details along with commercials,
please write to us @ Enquiries & Registration

Open Webinars

Coach – Avnita Bir


Education institutions have had to best adapt to new modes of teaching in current uncertainties of COVID-19 . Such times are perfect opportunities for college-bound students to explore the benefits of taking a gap year. Listen to a senior educationist and a student who designed her success through her gap year discuss this multifaceted experience. 

  • Date - 15th August 2020
  • Time Slot - 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Commercials - INR 1000/- per person and session

Coach – Nikita Singh


Breathwork & meditation; Mindfulness & Healthy habits for a work from home day- Harness the power of our breath, through breathing techniques and meditation. Understand mindfulness and cultivate simple ways to remain mindful amidst this uncertainty and chaos. Experience simple techniques and habits to practice work-life integration and maintain your energy levels.

  • Date - 19th July, 26th July & 02nd August 2020
  • Time Slot - 9:00 - 10:00 AM
  • Commercials - INR 1500/- per person for three sessions

Coach – Rajita Joshi & Kaizaad Kotwal  
Actor – Swati Das


The current pandemic has marked its place in the history of mankind with its devastation. But its impact and lessons learnt will be shared and passed onto each other now and generations later through stories told and re-told. Experience the power of storytelling in creating a collective wisdom to absorb for self and pass on to others through these narratives. 

  • Date - 29th August 2020
  • Time Slot - 3:00-4:00 PM
  • Commercials - INR 1500/- per person for two sessions